Smart Capital

We invest in innovative and high-potential startups.
We focus on the global maritime and logistics sectors.
We are striving to find disruptive technologies and business models.


We invest in startups globally, focussing on early-stage ventures across Europe and Asia. Our goal is to add value from day one, not just capital, and to support our portfolio companies with maritime domain knowledge. We will act as sparring partners, whether it is to fine-tune specific business models or to develop growth strategies. Along the investment journey, we want to better understand our portfolio founders’ businesses in order to promote them to the Schulte Group’s worldwide network of partnering opportunities.

We look out for teams who question the status quo and think big. Our founders should be rigorous executors and creative visionaries, who are restless to disrupt the maritime, logistics and other related industries.

“Our vision is to see the maritime industry adopt new technology and create business models that challenge and re-invent the way we do business across the supply chain.”


Our relationship with all Schulte Group companies gives us access to international markets, a global customer base and incomparable technical experience, all of which we use to catalyse our portfolio companies’ growth.

“At INNOPORT, we want to build bridges and open doors wherever possible. Potential pilot projects as well as technical or commercial partnerships shall take fresh ideas to a new level.”


We are the venture capital arm of the Schulte Group, inheriting the technology innovation, the global mindset and the Hanseatic handshake that distinguish our parent company Bernhard Schulte – a maritime innovator and operator since its own beginnings in 1883.

The INNOPORT team works globally, consisting of complementary and fast-interacting agents, who are particularly perceptive to the signals of newly emerging opportunities in the maritime ecosystem. We have the multidisciplinary skills required to recognise trends and opportunities, support founders from discovery to successful exit, and to couple their potential to the wider Schulte Group network.